Hi! I’m Tomasz, and I’m the Microsoft 365 Modern Workplace & Microsoft Security Ninja!

I have worked with Microsoft 365 solutions since the begging – it’s more than ten years today. I have done Microsoft 365 automation projects for small family companies,
but also I was leading a massive security improvement project for thousand of devices in big organizations, with the latest security features from Microsoft.
Microsoft adds new security features, automation, or AI every few weeks, and I am the guy who follows all of them, so you don’t need it.

I can’t prevent your employee from clicking a malicious link, but I can save your business from being harmed by this action.

I can’t hire more people in your organization but I can save you money with process automation and AI.

Pulsar IT Tomasz Szulczewski

I’m Tomasz Szulczewski, the Microsoft 365 expert.

👉👉👉 Who am I?

I have been in love with information technology for more than 20 years but still, have IT passion. I still feel like a geek. It’s great to make complicated things simple. I profess the idea of a modern IT department. Employees are scattered around the world but still safe and able to reach their goals.

👉👉👉 What skills do I have?

My essential skill is the ability to translate business requirements into the language of computer science and translate the code into a language that the ordinary person understands. Behind me is more than 25 years of experience in IT, also confirmed with certificates. The last one is Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert

👉👉👉 What can I do?

✅ Office 365 Architecture and Administration
✅ Secure Office 365
✅ Identity protection
✅ SharePoint administration and development
✅ Power Platform development: Power Automate, Power Virtual Agent and Power Apps
✅ Intune implementation and administration
✅ And all other Office 365 and Azure-related technologies! 

Several certificates also confirm my experience. The last one which I earned was Microsoft 365 Certified: Enterprise Administrator Expert.

Why Me?

What makes me exceptional?

Experience, independence, and flexibility.

You can check my career path on LinkedIn. I am an independent consultant and provide the best consulting services for Microsoft 365 on the market. I can provide complete, precise, out-of-the-box Microsoft solutions at prices that make more sense for small-to-midsize businesses in a wide variety of industries. I work closely with these organizations to increase their understanding of Microsoft 365 and maximize their operational efficiency. Trust me, most of your problems can be solved with the out-of-the-box features of Microsoft 365.

After 10 years of working with Office 365 and all related technologies, I’ve been able to watch its progress from an objective standpoint. What works? What doesn’t? What are the limitations, and how do we work around them? Trust me; I’ve seen it all!

If you’re interested in engaging me to work with your organization, please contact me!

Tomasz Szulczewski, founder of Pulsar IT, a Consulting company.